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Merritt Patterson is officially our new girl crush. The actress can be spotted on The Royals, the first scripted series on E! When there is one bombshell, you can always find another and Merritt totally gets to work alongside Elizabeth Hurley. While their lives on the show might be completely chaotic, Merritt kept a calm and cool aura during our shoot. We decided to chat with her about The Royals and even got some day to night outfit advice, read below:

Tell us a little about The Royals?
It’s actually the first scripted series on E! I’m sure it will be the new guilty pleasure.

Favorite outfit you wore on your shoot with Galore?
Loved them all! I was really into the retro/sexy/glam feel. Especially the pink leopard print raincoat! Felt like a 90’s supermodel.

What’s the best way to transition a day outfit to night?
Throw on a pair of heels and some lipstick!

How would you describe your style in three words?
Classic, Natural & Adaptable.

What’s your favorite type of dog? Any plans to get a new puppy?
I generally love mix-breed dogs. I actually got a puppy last year! Her name is Bear and she’s a Yorkie/Havanese cross.

What’s the deal with that cheerleading outfit Insta pic? Can we plan to see you on the silver screen rocking pom poms?
Hopefully!! I got the outfit on a film set. I had an audition as a cheerleader and decided I might as well take advantage of the costume!

Is it a good idea to match outfits with your boyfriend? Does your boyfriend let you dress him?
Generally I would say no…. Although my boyfriend and I do own some of the same articles of clothing, in particular a Patagonia jacket and Native boots. On any cold rainy weekend we’re typically matching but it’s a matter of survival not fashion.

Who is your ultimate female role model?
Meryl Streep! She’s had such an incredible career and is so versatile. She also seems to have a life outside of the industry which is something I respect. I think it’s important to be able to disconnect.

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